It is a strange twist of irony that campus life in Australia in the 21C is healthiest at our youngest and least prestigious universities. It is at Sydney University’s residential colleges that you get the most immature and disgusting behaviour. Tradition gives us hazing, where the wealthy, spoilt brats of the nation’s older families are initiated into the sickening rites of their forefathers and older siblings. Masturbating into shampoo bottles belonging to female students and defecating in the hallways of academia. I wonder whether you get many children of recent migrants behaving like this when they reach university?

The Rich & Privileged Pissing On Opportunity

Familiarity breeds contempt, so goes the adage, and wealth and privilege can mutate into that level of familiarity when things always come easy. The ABC reported that Stuart Kelly took his own life in 2016 and his parents believe that his hazing at St Paul’s college at Sydney Uni had a big part to play in his tragic fate. A 2018 university report into behaviours at the University of Sydney declares a toxic culture to be at the heart of these tradition bound initiation rituals for first year students. Sexual and sadistic are terms frequently used within the 200-page report by Nina Funnell.

Turning a Blind Eye to Misogynistic Behaviour

Coalescing information like this can be disturbing for students, parents, and university staff. Secret stuff gets out and gets officially typed up to be there in black and white. 51% of female students canvassed reported being sexually assaulted during this orientation week. Turning a blind eye to the misogynistic behaviour of the sons of some of our oldest families is no longer an option in the 21C. The land owner’s boys and other elites can no longer treat human beings in this manner, they are not down on the farm anymore.

The Baggage of Past Generations

Vocational opportunities are being denied to their victims through this damaging reprehensible behaviour, with a number of female students having dropped out after being assaulted. This disgusting stuff makes a powerful contrast with the behaviour of the overwhelming majority of students, who are not tradition bound. These conscious consumers and politically correct, sophisticated students do not bring the baggage of past generations with them. Australia has a long way to go before diversity is respected across the board and it is at the top end of town, where these disgusting attitudes are most heavily ingrained.