Learning the ropes in adulting can be daunting. Becoming an adult and entering college is no easy task. Well, both are very hard on their own but combined can be challenging. It is just so mind boggling that a few months ago you were not even allowed to drive, not able to vote or are not allowed to have your own opinion. Then suddenly, they let throw you out, are convinced you can study and pay off any loans you start today and expected to make immense life plans.

Being in college is not easy. Especially if you went farther than a couple of miles from where you grew up. And that is the case usually for any those wanting to study and specialise in the medical field. The media for presentation and graphics can be readily available but what of schools?  The farther you go, the more you are away from familiar things and familiar faces. How do you even find a good place for some chips and a drink? 

Trying to live without the conveniences you are used to is going to be rough. You suddenly find out you are out of soap, or shampoo or milk. It does not magically replenish itself. So you go do a little grocery shopping and what do you find? Hundreds of variants of stuff. You wander around and get a shampoo it says for oily hair. You stop and think is your hair oily? Does this suit you? Sheesh, decisions!

You are expected to be on time, manage time. To be somewhere by eight, to prepare a speech in two days; it’s all you. No group mates to share the load, no mothers to remind you where you should be and get a move on. 

Bills and spending patterns are overwhelming, did you know? Like balancing your finances so you don’t have too many days left over from your money. Like how did they do that? Knowing how to budget is a game changer, I find. 

But there are the upside, too. This new found independence means eating what you like. Arranging your room the way you want. And no one to tell you you need to wash that sheet already. But somehow, there’s a little ache that all this is missing in your new campus life.