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Monday November 01, 2010

Alumnus documentary on Compass

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A documentary that deals with the way that modern medical practice is to prevent death and prolong life at any cost aired yesterday on ABC TV’s Compass program.

In The End was made by RMIT University Media Studies graduate Charlotte Roseby, who takes viewers on an ethical journey with intensive care specialist, Dr Charlie Corke, who asks: “Have we forgotten how to die?”

Dr Corke tries to balance his enthusiasm for medical technology with an acceptance that, after a long and healthy life, it is natural to go.

At the heart of his struggle beats the ethical dilemma about our own deaths and the deaths of loved ones: when is enough, enough?

Richard Aedy, Life Matters, Radio National, said that the film was amazing and very sensitively delivered.

“I really don’t think I can recommend it enough,” Mr Aedy said.

In The End is the result of a five-year collaboration between doctor and film-maker, shot on location in Geelong Hospital’s intensive care unit.

Cinematography is by Michael Williams and Jenni Meaney, with original music by Monique DiMattina.

Ms Roseby said that the combination of theory, practice and academic subjects in Media Studies gave her a great grounding in telling stories.

“It helped prepare me for my years as a book editor as much as it did as a film-maker. It's all about communicating a message.

“And I still remember the lectures in cinema studies 101,” Ms Roseby said.

Ms Roseby’s first documentary, Still Breathing, was also about the end of life. She recorded her friend Rob as he faced a decision whether or not to have a lung transplant.

Source: RMIT University;ID=qwd324gi4l1lz;STATUS=A

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