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Monday October 18, 2010

It's New York, New York for The Con

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In an historic collaboration, 34 members of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music's Chamber Orchestra will be joining forces tomorrow with 34 members of the highly esteemed music school, Juilliard, in New York City.

It is only the second time the preeminent music school has participated in a collaboration of this nature, the first time being in 2005 with London's Royal Academy of Music for the BBC Proms.

After a short three-day rehearsal period the group will play a concert in the Lincoln Center, under the direction of Maestro Imre Palló and Julliard's Joseph Polisi. The students will play modern American music by William Schuman, and modern Australian music by Richard Mills. The concert will be streamed live to an audience at the Con in Sydney at 11am, Tuesday 19 October.

After this event in New York, which includes a gala alumni reunion, the Con's Chamber Orchestra will be embarking on a two-week concert tour of the US in which they will join forces with the San Francisco Conservatorium, to form a chamber orchestra with the host company before moving on to the University of Colorado's College of Music in Boulder for more concerts.

Dean and Principal of the Con, Professor Kim Walker, said, "This unprecedented cultural and educational link provides a vivid illustration of the special relationship between the two nations. It is a unique opportunity to celebrate the alliance through young virtuosos of both Australia and the USA."

Source: The University Of Sydney

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