South Africans want better education because education plays an important role in a man’s life. It helps us gain skills and experiences that will be needed later on. Education is a significant indicator even in a country’s economic stability and performance. It is a vital measurement for peace and sustainability. Education and knowledge may be different in process but they are equally important. They give us a chance at learning. They both open up eyes and doors of opportunities. Giving us a shot at being better. This is why South Africans want better education be made available.

Reforms are happening in South Africa’s education system. Although improvements are hardly felt at all. This sluggish incline reflects the country’s high unemployment rate. Private schools are faring a little better than the state schools. Some people are pointing to lack of efficient, forward thinking teachers. It will take a long time before this region can bounce back.

But many South Africans know that education is what is needed to make their lives better. If they cannot get it where they currently are, then they will move or study online. More and more are finding their way to first world countries for good education. One such is in Australia, particularly in Sydney. South African students in Sydney, like most students elsewhere, are friendly and make their connections both at school and home. They are expected to be responsible for their studies and are very punctual. They are moderately family oriented and are attached to their food and culture. With the increase of South African grocery shops in Sydney, they hardly miss food back home.


Many regard education to be an indicator of future wealth. Which is why for an adult, sending their children to school is the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of a better life. South African parents are no different. They know education is the key to a better life. And with the steady stream of improvements brought on by technology, they must hurry even more to catch up.